Arabic (Fusah/Classical)

This is Classical Arabic course. The course focusses on reading, writing, basic grammar and speaking from level zero to level four. This course has eleven levels. As from Level four a lesson on grammar is introduced.

Lessons and Duration

Children: Two one hour lessons minimum a week

Adults: Two one and half hour lessons a week


Level Zero: Mua'allamu Al horoof Al Arabia (an internal book)

Level one to Eleven: Bayna Yadayk

Grammar: Ajroomiyah [From Level Four One lesson is dedicated to grammar]

Sarf: On completion of the Grammar book that lesson is then dedicated to Sarf. The book taught will be ILM AL SARF.

Balagah: On completion of Sarf, Balagah will be taught. The book taught will be Al Balagah Al Wadeh

On completion of Grammar, Sarf and Balagah the student should be able to understand the Quran very well. That is the aim of this course.

Arabic Speaking Course

This course is for those students who have completed Level 4 of Bayna Yadayk and wish to practice speaking. The course also focuses on building up vocabulary.