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Arabic Language

This course focuses on reading, writing and speaking Arabic.

It caters for beginners as well as advanced students


Hifz Al-Quran

Hifz Al-Quran course is designed for students from the age of six years. This will concentrate on the correct recitation and memorization.

Arabic Grammar

Ajroomiyah is used to teach this course. A book of students choice Can be taught if desired.. The student should have attained Level four in Arabic


Al-Quran Recitation

This course is for those who wish to learn to recite the Quran and not memorize.


Arabic Conversation

This course is for those who have attained at least level 3 in Arabic and have ability to make conversation.


Al-Quran Ijazah

This course is for those who wish to obtain Ijaza at the end to teach the Quran.


Al-Quran Revision

This course is for those wish to revise or get extra practice.