Al-Itqaan Online School is a non-profit organisation registered as a Charity in England and wales. Registration number 1164153 formed to facilitate Islamic learning. The courses page lists all the courses we offer.


Governing Principles

Islam is fundamentally a knowledge based religion. Al-Itqaan Online School is formed with the sole intention and purpose of pleasing All Mighty Allah.


Aims And Objectives

1. To provide courses in Al-Quran (FREE) to memorize Al-Quran with correct Tajweed, which has both spiritual and cognitive benefits, for religious and academic education.

2. To provide Arabic courses (at minimal cost) to enable understanding of Al-Quran.

This will enable students to:

1. Develop noble character, which encourages good manners and morals, in order to grow up to be balanced, pious, and upright individuals, educated in Islamic and cultural etiquette, with the capacity to understand and work with individuals from other cultures.

2. Develop virtues such as patience, tolerance, and kindness to others.

3.Distinguish right from wrong, and to respect the law, in effect becoming responsible and productive citizens.



Name Role
Mr Yusuf Ali Mahadik Chairman
Mr Samar Razaq Treasurer
Mr Intikhab Alam Mahadik Secretary