Hanafi Fiqh

The Hanafi Fiqh course covers the essentials that every Muslim child and adult should know about purification, prayer and fasting. This course is designed by Aalima Ustadah Sarah Aslam, a graduate of the Alimmiyah Programme of Ebrahim College. London

The course is based on the Hanafi, Arabic text Nur Al Idah which is buy Hasan Shurunbulali, and was taught by Sheikh Ashraf Zaman of Ebrahim College.

The Course will cover:






The Tafsir course will provide a translation and basic explanation of the chapters within Juzz Ammah which is sourced from the explanation given by Ustadh Zillur Rahman of Ebrahim College, and also gained from the text Safwat al-Tafāsīr by Muhammad Ali al-Ṣābūnī.

The Teacher

Ustadha Sarah Aslam is a graduate of the Ebrahim College Alimmiyah Programme in London and has also completed the final hadith intensive year there, otherwise known as Dawrah al Hadith. She speaks English and Classical Arabic, and has experience teaching children Islamic Studies and Quran. She has studied with Sheikh Shams Ad-Duha, Sheikh Mujhaid Ali, Mufti Barakatullah, Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad, Sheikh Samir an Nass and Sheikh Nuh Hamim Keller among others.  At the moment she is studying with Sheikh Asim Yusuf. She currently resides in the UK.