Who We Are

Al-Itqaan Online School is a non-profit organisation registered as a Charity in England and wales. We provide courses in Al-Quran to memorize Al-Quran with correct Tajweed, which has both spiritual and cognitive benefits, for religious and academic education. We also provide Arabic courses (at minimal cost) to enable understanding of Al-Quran.

Quran Recitaion & Hifz

Quran Recitaion course is for those who wish to learn to recite the Quran and not memorize.
Hifz Al-Quran course is designed for students from the age of six years. This will concentrate on the correct recitation and memorization.

Tajweed Rules

Learn the technique of reciting the Quran as per the required tajweed rules. Tajweed department has beginners to advanced level courses. All courses of tajweed are based on hafs style of recitation.


This is Classical Arabic course. The course focusses on reading, writing, basic grammar and speaking from level zero to level four. This course has eleven levels. As from Level four a lesson on grammar is introduced.


We use Microsoft Teams which has the highest and best video and audio quality, it enables us to use whiteboard, automated assignments, and a class room specially designed for each student where can store and access his or her files any time.

Our Teachers

All Our Teachers Are Native Arabs.

Ibrahem Mohamed

Arabic Teacher

Ustaz Ibrahem graduated from Al-Azhar University, faculty of Arabic language in 2006. He has 12 years of experience in teaching Arabic Language. His professional skill and experience is in teaching Arabic Language. He has been teaching for non-speakers in Arabi center for Arabic and islamic studies since 2009 and has also taught in Nobugh School. He is proficient in English. He passed the EILTS Academic test with an overall band 7.0 Ustaz Ibrahem taught different Arabic programs: MSA( modern standard Arabic), CA (classical Arabic), and Arabic for special needs (media, advanced Arabic, poetry, Grammar, and Arabic rhetoric). He develops his teaching method according to the students' linguistic and learning needs. He is familiar to a wide verity of Arabic teaching books such as Al-Arabya-Byn-Ydek, Loughtna Al-fousha, and Al-kitab.

Hani Ashour

Quran Teacher

Shaykh Hani Ashour was born in 1986 has memorised the Holy Qur’an in his early childhood. He holds Two Ijaza in Hafs and holds one Ijaza in the Qira’a of Warsh, Ibn-Katheer, Qaluon, and AboGaffer

Shaykh Hani studied Tajweed and Qira'at at Al-Qira’at institute of Al-Azhar, He is currently the manager of Ibn-Masoud school for teaching Quran for children. He holds an ijazh in many Tajweed teaching books such as: Tuhfat-Alatfal, and Al-Jazaria.Shaykh Hani has a long experience more than 8 years in teaching the Quran to non Arabic speakers.

Mona Elsayed

Quran Teacher

Has an Ijazh in Hafs, Shouba, IbnKatheer, and in Matn Tohfat-AlAtfal, Al-Jazarea, and Al-Shatbya. Been working in online Quran teaching for more 9 years.

Ahmed Basalh

Quran Teacher

Acquired an Ijazh in Tajweed from Al-Azhar Al Sharif, Obtained an Ijazh in 10 Quraat, an Ijazh in Matn Tohfat-AlAtfal, Al-Jazareha, Al-Shatbyh, Al-taybh, and Al-Dorra. Been working in Teaching Quran online for more than 10 years

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